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Organic cotton and Organic merino wool the facts by Stella Claxton

Organic colour grown cotton 
stella james has launched a fabulous new organic clothing collection for baby and toddlers, all hand knitted from naturally coloured organic cotton. Our organic cotton yarn is sourced from Peru and China.


Natural colour grown cotton – how does that work?
Naturally pigmented cotton has been produced for centuries in Peru, making it one of the oldest recorded textile traditions in history. The organic cotton fibre is naturally coloured and grows in a range of shades, from chocolate, toffee and caramel, to avocado, sage and mint green. Coloured cotton crops were almost eradicated when it became cheaper to grow the plant in white and dye it with chemical or natural dyes, which is how most cotton textiles are produced today. Naturally coloured organic cotton is therefore a very pure fibre and the colour should not fade with washing and wearing.


coloured cotton crops

Colour grown organic cotton production
No dyes, chemicals or other synthetic processes have been used to grow, soften or colour the fibers.  The pigmentation is natural and the fibre is grown under organic conditions in a chemical -free environment.  Naturally coloured organic cotton fibre reduces chemical pollution in the fields, in the factory and in the home.


Certified organic and Fairtrade
The fibre carries the fairtrade mark and is certified as organic by SKAL, a Dutch body whose remit is similar to the Soil Association of the UK. They use EU organic standards as the basis of their certification.

Organic cotton - pure and practical
On top of all the benefits of wearing organic cotton clothing that is free from chemicals, pesticides and dyes, organic cotton is naturally non allergenic and is soft enough to wear against the skin. Organic baby
clothes made from organic cotton yarn are suitable for babies and toddlers with allergies and problem skin conditions. It’s a very practical fabric as it can be machine washed which makes it easy to care for – something all parents will be glad to hear. Organic cotton is also biodegradable and a renewable resource.


colour grown organic cotton

Pictures courtesy of James M. Vreeland Jr., Peru Naturtex.

Organic merino wool
stella james hand knitted organic wool baby clothes, adult accessories and homeware are made from certified organic 100% merino wool sourced from a single farm in New Zealand's South Island.

Organic merino wool production
The naturally coloured wool is produced under organic conditions and is so soft and luxurious that it can be worn next to the skin of even the most delicate babies and toddlers, while at the same time giving a durable fabric which will endure numerous hand washes. The organic wool has not been treated chemically throughout the entire production, from the farm to the finished yarn. The greasy wool is scoured (cleaned) in a special approved biodegradable cleansing agent before being carded and spun at a certified organic mill. The yarn isn’t dyed, but is available in a range of natural colours such as silver, cream and chocolate – the colours of the sheep!


merino sheep

Certified organic - merino wool
The farm has been certified with Bio-Gro since 1986. Bio-Gro is one of IFOAM’s Accredited Certifiers (IFOAM is the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements which benchmarks organic standards and certification worldwide).

Organic merino wool – pure and soft enough for babies
Organic merino wool is naturally non allergenic and is soft and comfortable to wear. The wool helps to regulate body temperature enabling your baby to retain the optimum safe temperature in hot or cold conditions. The natural properties of organic merino wool allow the skin to "breathe" and the wool absorbs impurities and residues,


organic merino 

Picture top right courtesy of Jackie Aitchison, Treliske Organic

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